Programming Arduino Due or MKR1000 with Atmel Studio ASF

I made an instructable how to program Due or MKR1000 with Atmel Studio. It covers pretty much everything I had to said, so nothing to write here... Or may be something. This setup will allow to program ARM inside Due with proper low level (compared to Arduino) C or with higher level library called The Atmel® Software Framework (ASF), which is:
a collection of embedded software for Atmel flash MCU (
» It simplifies the usage of microcontrollers, providing an abstraction to the hardware and high-value middlewares
» ASF is designed to be used for evaluation, prototyping, design and production phases
» ASF is integrated in the Atmel Studio IDE with a graphical user interface or available as standalone for GCC, IAR compilers
» ASF can be downloaded for free

That's from
Guys from Atmel made 54 example project for Due, so it's easier to start ARM journey, but I must warn you: it's much more complicated than AVRs, and there're no books for coding with ASF, even it's hart to find anything about coding for Atmel ARMs so you have to dig through datasheets, documentations, etc. But I think, that it's worth it.

MKR's tool code include delay (sleep 5) which is necessary for MKR to change to it's bootloader's COM port after receiving command to do so (changing serial speed to 1200 bps). It have different bootloading mechanism so you have to include 2 ports for this board: normal for starting bootloader and bootloader's for programming.

I found Atmel University course. It should be good beginning place for learning Atmel's ARMs,
and I also found reprapdad's guide to programming Feather M0 with Atmel Start, which is also nice starting place.
Feather M0 has same chip that is inside MKR1000, so this will work fine, but I'm not sure if they are pin to pin compatible. MKR1000 have SAMW25 which is SAMD21G + ATWINC1500, Feather M0 have bare SAMD21G or SAMD21G + ATWINC1500.